We are pleased to announce that PGG online has now been approved by ASIC as a digital service provider.


What does this mean for you?


PGG Online obtained this status in record time. What this means for you is that we do not depend on any third party provider to run our platform and we have a direct link to ASIC.Technical enquiries relating to ASIC services can now be dealt with and answered as we are a gateway to ASIC services.


We are also now able to reduce the price of products we offer for sale and these products are to be offered in an environment of even greater security and privacy.

Starting Monday, 15/11/2021, all our service fees will be reduced with $50.

PGG Online Club

Additionally, we now offer the PGG Online Club. If you are a volume user of product, by becoming a member you can obtain discounts of up to 30% of our fees (ASIC fees excluded) on all products offered by us, with the exception of SMSF upgrades and SMSF limited recourse borrowing packages. Click here to find out how to enrol.


Becoming a member of PGG Online will cost $495.00 per month, payable by credit card. You can subscribe from your dashboard overview, or by accessing the user menu from the top right corner of the page, once you are logged in.

For that price you will also be able, at any time, to contact our legal team by phone or email to ask any questions and to obtain advice in relation to our products. You will also be the first to know of new material launched into the Resources page and of new legal developments in areas relevant to trust, tax and superannuation law.