How to order a Company

Ordering a company with PGG Online has never been easier. All major sections are clearly explained within the application forms. All you have to do is follow the steps in the guide.

Login or Register

In order to place an order with us, you need to have a verified account. If you do not have one, you can create one in two minutes. Once you fill in and submit the registration form, you will receive an email. Please open the email and click verify. This will confirm that the email on file is correct.

Alternativelly, if you already have an account, you can authenticate here.

Login screen Register screen Verify screen Dashboard screen

Provide General Details

In the first step of the application form you will be required to specify your desired company name, the legal elements and search of its availability. Depending on the name search availability, if the name you choose is an existing business name, you will be required to provide the business name holder details. Once those information are provided, you will be required to select a jurisdiction for your new company and details of the ultimate holding company if that is the case.

For public companies limited by guarantee, you will need to provide the member's guarantee in dollar amount and the charity objects.

Company Registration - General Details 1 screen Company Registration - General Details 2 screen Company Registration - General Details 3 screen

Specify the Company Addresses

In this section you will specify the Registered Office and the Principal Place of Business addresses. You will have the option to copy the Registered Office details to the Principal Place of Business address if they are the same. If you do not occupy the Registered Office premises, you will need to specify the occupier's name from which you have got the consent to use the address.

For public companies, you will need to specify the Registered Office open hours.

Company Registration - Company Addresses 1 screen Company Registration - Company Addresses 2 screen

Define the Company Structure

At this step you should define your company structure, by adding entities like individuals or organisations. Available roles are Director, Secretary, Public Officer, Shareholder (Member for Public Companies Limited by Guarantee) and Applicant. Depending on the selected roles, you will be required to specify additional details like birth details and former names (for all officeholders).

For companies limited by shares you will be able to issue and allocate shares. You can select individual share allocation, or jointly held share allocation.

Company Registration - Company Structure 1 screen Company Registration - Company Structure 2 screen Company Registration - Company Structure 3 screen Company Registration - Company Structure 3 screen

Review the Application

This is a summary of all the provided details, for you to review and make sure they are correct. You will also be provided with an order summary as well, with complete details including fees, taxes, etc.

If everything is correct and you are ready to proceed, you should read the declarations section, tick the necessary boxes and proceed to payment.

Company Registration - Review screen Company Registration - Review screen

Pay the Order

All the payments are processed by our payment processor partner, Stripe. You can select to remember the card so the payment step is easier next time. Providing your mobile phone number when saving the payment method offers an extra layer of security.

Once the payment is confirmed, we will instantly lodge the application with ASIC (except for Public Company Limited by Guarantee where we need to first manually review your charitable objects).

Payment screen

Amend the Application

If ASIC rejects your order, either with validation errors (e.g. invalid suburb) or rejection notice (e.g. invalid business name holder details), you can amend your application and resubmit, free of charge, as many times as it's needed for it to be finalised.

You can find your rejected application in your Dashboard area, Applications menu.

Dashboard - Applications screen

Download the Documents

Once the company is registered with ASIC, and the documents are ready, you will receive an email. From your Dashboard area, navigate to the Applications menu, find your application and download the documents.

Available Company Registration Products

The PGG / Peter Gell Difference

Gain peace of mind by dealing with experienced lawyers who stand by their templates without need of a disclaimer. Ease of access and speed of delivery will ensure an efficient and pleasurable registration experience. Are clerks or computer bots causing you frustration? Work with our experts and attain the assurance that only decades of legal practice can afford.


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Premium Documents

All the documents are carefully and professionally drafted and kept up to date

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We provide editable Microsoft Word supporting documents for all our products

Referrable Documents

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